Why use a recruitment agency


If you are an employer, before contacting a recruitment agency, you should be aware of the needs of your company. This way you will know how to use their services with all benefits they can provide.

The consultants of Access Consultancy consider the following options to guide you on how to act and what services to look for:

1. You rarely hire new staff.

  • If you hire infrequently - maybe once or twice a year - it is ineffective to have a special person on your payroll who deals with the selection.
  • Also, not every good Human Resources specialist, Accountant, or Payroll specialist is able to make a personnel selection - this may be due to poor communication skills, poor skills for creating ads and formulating requirements; insufficient time schedule; relying only on job boards, etc.
  • Instead of wasting your time and the time of your staff with unnecessary efforts, the Agency will send you vetted candidates who have been selected already from the long list of job seekers. Your task is just to check if they are the right people for your team. This will shorten the time to hire the right person; it will save you time and money.

2. You hire staff often

In this case, you probably have a person among your employees who makes most of the selection. Probably they are trained to screen CVs and interview candidates but they need help to attract candidates to your company.

  • By posting an ad on specialized job boards, you can easily get 30-40 CVs for each job, which means a lot of "screening" of often inadequate for the particular role candidates. Even if you take only five minutes for each resume/cover letter, you will spend hours hoping to find a good candidate.
  • Posting ads on job platforms have been the main way to attract quality job applicants but not anymore.
  • Even if you have hundreds of resumes of candidates, the person in the agency reviews resumes much faster than you or your employee. Thus, you concentrate only on the good candidates - you look at selected resumes and interview selected candidates for the vacancy in your company. This pre-selection is made by the Recruitment Agency on your behalf.
  • In addition, when you are covering rare professions with requirements for specific qualities and skills, be sure to contact a Recruitment Agency. They know the right channels for finding such specialists.
  • When you are looking for executives or people from middle and senior management, also use a specialized agency. Such professionals do not respond to ads on regular job boards.
  • When you are looking for IT specialists - contact an agency. Technology is more and more sophisticated, so leave the selection to the people who do it.

Other important  things you need to know for using professionals in the process of hiring new staff in the company:

  • Agencies receive remuneration for hired people, not for the number of CVs read or interviews conducted.
  • Consultants develop a sense for the right people and they have a good judgment of who would fit in and who would not in a particular team.
  • Recruitment companies are looking for a long-term relationship with you and your business, not a one-time project. They are interested in knowing better your business and your needs. They are another marketing tool in your hands because in fact they "sell" your company to good job candidates.
  • The final decision on the appointment of a candidate is always yours.
  • If due to the fault of the chosen candidate, he/she leaves within a period of 3-6 months, we continue to search for a new person for free.
  • It may take several attempts to get the right appointment, but as a bonus, the Agency learns more about your company. This way, the consultants can work better for you, gradually feeling your priorities and the company's culture.
  • Recruitment consultants do not wait for candidates to come but provoke people working for your competitors or in similar businesses to consider a new job opportunity.

Knowing when and how to use recruitment consultants effectively can not only reduce the stress of recruiting but will help ensure long-term employment of quality people.

What channels does a recruitment agency typically use to find the best candidate for your business?

- internet-based channels - job boards, social networks, social media groups, online contacts;

- business contacts and direct calls - from the database of the agency, through recommendations and so on;

- job seekers who are registered within the Agency;

- job fairs and other recruitment events;

- email and social media tools and so on.


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