Why hire Bulgarian IT professionals


The Bulgarian IT sector has been developing quite intensively in recent years, with the help of both the educational centres that build such staff and the companies that are constantly expanding their teams and investing in their development. Here are some facts to keep in mind if you are planning to open a new office in Eastern Europe or you are looking for IT professionals to work remotely for your project.

  • In the IT industry in Bulgaria the standard of living is high and the salary levels are not the lowest globally.
  • Foreign companies come to Bulgaria because they find quality here.
  • Education centres in the IT industry are flexible and in line with global trends in the sector. They include in their courses competencies that are relevant and sought after in the IT sector.
  • The companies in the IT sector in Bulgaria cooperate and build trust with each other for specific technologies, exchanging projects and tasks.
  • Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse hold a significant share of the IT business in Southeast Europe.
  • In Bulgaria, a service is provided that solves the problems of companies around the world.
  • This creates trust and therefore more and more global projects are seeking Bulgarian contractors or IT staff.
  • More than 60 studios and about 1,300 people are employed in the field of game development in Bulgaria, according to information from the Game Dev Summit website. "Bulgaria has many people who have a serious passion for gaming and want to make games. Local staff are strong in disciplines such as programming, design, arts, animation, sound, etc. and therefore they are highly valued in the gaming industry ", commented Georgi Dinchev, head of the studio Creative Assembly Sofia, quoted by investor.bg.
  • Bulgarian e-commerce developers are especially relevant in the situation of COVID-19 when many businesses go out to sell online for the first time or expand their e-shops.
  • Developers in Bulgaria have also been affected by the global pandemic crisis, but have managed to move quickly to projects related to e-commerce and fintech. Others continue to work on projects for clients unaffected by the crisis caused by COVID-19. The sector has proven to be flexible and quickly adaptable to changing market demands.
  • Bulgarian developers and other IT professionals speak fluently English.
  • The possibility of flexible working hours and work from home are among the advantages that Bulgarian programmers look for in an employer.

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