Virtual assistants with professional experience in various areas are useful for businesses in the new COVID-19 environment


The new situation with the COVID-19 pandemic as well as closed borders require a new approach and new qualities that employees need to possess. We can help employers hire Online Assistants who would support their business relationships and be their representatives in any EU country while the borders are closed. Companies will need developers, psychologists, and other professionals to overcome the difficulties and obstacles that the pandemic has created.

Thousands of skilled people are imprisoned in their homes, some of them are in the home office regime, but others have spare time or are unemployed. They have experience in a particular industry, contacts, they know business processes, they are familiar with various technologies and software, they speak different languages.

Dear entrepreneurs and managers, use them to get through the difficult times smoothly.

  • Contact us and share your requirements and your thoughts on how your business in Europe could handle the crisis and what skills set your virtual employees will possess in order to be helpful.
  • Creating an online store to trade your goods and products is one of the options for overcoming the difficulties of retail sales. Contact us to find the best developers for your online store, as well as the administrators who can maintain and communicate with your customers.
  • Employers who want to retain their employees and set them up to work in new conditions are advised to hire a psychologist to work with their teams. Contact us to recruit a specialist to become part of your COVID-19 impact management team.

At Access Consultancy, we urge you to follow the authority's instructions to restrict contacts and use protective equipment to prevent the virus from spreading. Saving lives and saving the business that gives work to all of us is a shared responsibility!

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