Upgrade your knowledge now: online courses for unemployed and job seekers


At Access Consultancy we are confident that COVID-19 is not just stress and panic. The pandemic and staying at home - because of unemployment, unexpected vacation or work from home - is an opportunity to build on our knowledge and get out of the crisis more prepared.

Being out of work is not only a serious personal problem, but it often affects family and friends. Thousands of companies are currently being forced to fire employees because of the coronavirus epidemic. Do not blame employers, do not attack them via social networks, but also find online useful information on how to add knowledge and skills that will make you more successful in future job applications.

The crisis will bring opportunities for those who do not give up and who keep learning.

Here are some sample platforms where you can find ideas on what courses to complete while at home and looking for a new job.

https://www.coursera.org - free and paid courses

Learn English

Open Yale Courses

Open University

Ivy League Online Courses

Online job interview training

Facebook for business




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