Share a vacancy on our job board


Access Consultancy continue the initiatives to help employers and jobseekers meet and find common ground. If you have a vacancy, share it through our website.

This way you will have another channel to attract potential candidates, and in addition, we will share an article about your company on our website.

In the "Jobs" section you can share the vacancy you announced, no matter where in the world it is. The cost is just 20 EUR. The job vacancy will stay published as long as you need or until you find a suitable candidate for your job position.

Website+Facebook publication will cost 34 EUR per position.

In the Partners news section, you will have the opportunity FOR FREE to share with potential candidates and clients the latest in your company or organization. We will help you with the writing of the text, as our understanding is that our clients receive more than advice in the selection of staff for their teams. They get another marketing tool through us and our website.

You can contact us for details by phone (+359) 876 727 857 or by email


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