Rositsa Velikova presented Access consulnatcy to BNI Prista - Ruse


Rositsa Velikova, Managing Consultant at Access Consultancy, presented the company to the business leaders - members of international network BNI. Access Consultancy are part of BNI cnapter Prista in the city of Ruse, Bulgaria.

Trust the recruitment of professionals and free up time and resources for the essentials of your business. This was the message of Rositsa Velikova, the manager of Access Consultations, during the company's expanded presentation. 

Instead of unnecessary efforts on the part of management and your staff, the Agency will send to you verified candidates who have been selected and it is your job to check that the right people are for your team.

According to LinkedIn, only 12 percent of the workforce is actively seeking work, but 85 percent are open to hearing about new opportunities.
Recruitment consultants do not wait for applicants to come, but provoke people working for your competitors to think about a new job.
Knowing when and how to use them effectively can not only reduce the stress of recruiting, but can also help you guarantee long-term employment.

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