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At Access Consultancy we try to follow what is happening in personnel selection in Bulgaria and Europe. We do not stop working and that is why we would like to share our impressions of the labor market.

The information would be of interest to both employers and jobseekers.

We will start with Ruse. After a brief hesitation due to the effect of the state of emergency and the coronavirus on business, the companies started looking for staff again.

Basically, these are positions for sales representatives, sales consultants, operators in various types of production of light and heavy industries. There are also offers for more highly qualified staff such as doctors (some specialists in the health field have been difficult to find on the Bulgarian labor market for several years), dentists, accountants, marketing specialists, and others.

The change in the way of doing business due to COVID-19 has led to the fact that companies that have transferred part of their commercial operations online are recruiting marketing and sales specialists for their online stores. The employers and employment agencies are also looking for people with Romanian, German and English, for example for customer service.

The forthcoming opening of the malls and other shopping centers also prompted the announcement of vacancies for sales consultants and warehouse workers for retail outlets.

Hotel and restaurant managers are also looking for staff with the idea of ​​resuming work as soon as possible and using the summer season for active business, as far as possible given the restrictions.

Meanwhile, on the labor market in the field of information technology in Ruse, there is a demand for IT specialists and in fact, there is almost no reduction in the number of advertised positions, despite the opinion that in this industry there is also a decline in demand. Apparently, the industry is more sustainable and its customers in Bulgaria and around the world, who have not suffered from the restrictions resulting from the pandemic, still rely on its services.

In addition, the IT sector has come to the fore due to the transition of many of the activities online and the need to create new online stores, upgrade old ones, expand the scope of activities of companies, and others.

Vacancies have been announced in this branch for developers with more experience, as well as for beginners, SEO marketing specialists, and the like.

At the national level, companies in the IT sector continue to be active employers and, despite some hesitation, continue to recruit. Why companies from Bulgaria and abroad should continue to rely on Bulgarian IT professionals, you can read here: Why hire Bulgarian IT professionals.

The trends in other professions and their demand in Bulgaria are similar to those in Ruse - many people are wanted for the commercial sector, which can probably be explained by the forced dismissal of staff in large retail outlets, which are now expected to work again.

Online merchants and customer service staff are also in demand nationwide. Engineering and financial experts at various levels are also of interest to employers in Bulgaria.

We will see more and more positions for reduced working hours or available for work from home, we believe in "Access Consulting". For example, in Western Europe, where restrictions on office work are still very strong, job advertisements are widely published, both with the option to transfer to the office after the restrictions have fallen and for permanent work from home.

It is nice to see that online job interviews are possible because, as we predicted earlier, this will be evaluated by potential candidates. Employers put on their job ads that they can do the first interview online. (See more on the topic here: Sign-up for an online job interview course)

Staff who speak languages ​​other than English and German continue to be attractive to Bulgarian and foreign employers looking for Bulgarian employees. This trend will continue. More about our forecasts regarding the selection of staff and the required specialists, see here. The most valuable personnel in the recovery of the business from COVID-19

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