Recruitment - a task for professionals


More than ever, the selection of staff should be entrusted to professionals because every employee is valuable in a crisis situation and quick and quality recruitment decisions are more than necessary. What does Access Consultancy do for companies that restructure their teams and recruit?

We offer employers an analysis of the situation in a particular company and the labour market in general.

The coronavirus threat does not mean that no one is hiring or that applicants are not actively seeking employment. That is why we are ready with quick and adequate solutions.

  • We help companies easily digitize their recruitment work.
  • Our database and job seekers who are in constant contact with us make the selection quick and effective.
  • We provide a warranty period in which, in the event of an unsuccessful appointment, you will find an alternate employee without additional expenses.
  • Our professional skills guide employers to the qualities and expertise to look for in their future employees in order to get out of the crisis but also grow their business.

Yes, the worldwide pandemic has caused thousands of companies to hesitate to continue their planned recruitment of new people. However, the business, even restructured, with new branches and other closures, will continue to hire people.

The search for candidates has been mainly online so far. Now we have digitized the interviews 100%.

Digital interviews are an absolute win in this situation. We not only defend ourselves as professionals who have long work online, but also accelerate the selection process. We show and recommend this flexible measure to our clients. In the Covid-19 situation, the gesture itself is likely to make job seekers want to work for them even more.

♦ So the coronavirus crisis requires:
✔️ Restructuring of the team
✔️New way of working
✔️New skills
✔️Fast decisions.
Get ready for all this by researching your staff's attitudes and hearing their opinions. We will be the mediators in online meetings with them!

Leave it to us to make sure that the best candidates become part of your crisis response team following the Coronavirus / COVID19 pandemic.
Access Consultancy consults with employers on immediate decisions they need to take to overcome the effects of the economic collapse.

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