Payroll specialist, Silistra, Bulgaria


We are looking for an experienced Payroll specialist to handle all payroll tasks. The work is in a manufacturing company in Silistra.

In order to be a successful candidate for a Payroll Specialist position, you must be able to identify and solve problems related to salary preparation, as well as to ensure strict compliance with company and regulatory standards.

Your responsibilities:
- Collect data from workers' work schedules and other necessary information for payroll.
- Data entry into software programs.
- Calculation of salaries, benefits, tax breaks, commissions, etc.
- Preparation and processing of payroll and bank payments.
- Maintain accurate records of payroll and transaction records.
- Preparation of income statements.
- Answer payment inquiries and resolve cases as needed.
- Preparation of financial statements for accounting and auditing purposes.
- Preparation of pay review reports.

Candidate requirements:
- Education appropriate for the post - this is preferably in the field of accounting.
- Experience in a position related to payroll.
- Working knowledge of basic accounting principles and practices for salary formation.
- Experience with accounting and payroll software.
- Excellent communication skills.
- Organizational and time management skills.

Submit your CV and we will contact the approved candidates for the interview.

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