Operations Manager, CNC machines manufactury, Plovdiv, Bulgaria


We are looking for an Operations Manager in CNC manufacturing based in Plovdiv area, Bulgaria.

Main duties:

  • Plan and implement the operational management and control of the technological process and production tasks. The post holder will be directly responsible for achieving the set deadlines and quality standards;
  • Control the observance of the technological and production know-how;
  • Organize and control the work and implementation of production tasks of staff;
  • Monitor and control the provision of materials, blanks, and details;
  • Monitor the quality of adjustment, readjustment, and repair of equipment and compliance with technological discipline;
  • Analyze the consumption of raw materials and their compliance with the technical documentation and offers optimizations;
  • Participate in analyzing the quality of production;
  • Develop proposals for improving the technological level of production.
  • Responsible for the efficiency indicators of the production processes and the quality of the final product.

To be a successful candidate you should have:

  • Engineering degree
  • Experience in CNC machine manufacturing
  • High level of technical competence in the field of metalworking machines with CNC control;
  • Good command of spoken English;
  • Knowledge of software for programming and detail technology;
  • Experience in organizing production activities, task allocation and tracking of their implementation

Apply now and we will be contacting selected for interview candidates.

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