Most valuable staff to overcome the COVID-19 crisis


The unprecedented business crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic challenges the leaders' skills to lead organizations and select the right people for their teams. We are already considering how to get our business out of the crisis. Here is what we at Access Consultancy think is important for managers and business owners to know about the most valuable skills that their staff must possess in order to be useful in this situation.

Managers and owners should be able to anticipate the next steps to rebuilding a business after the situation calms down and after reducing restrictions. Then the business might need not just to be rebuilt but probably it will need to be pointed in a whole new direction. Leaders need to take the opportunity to reinvigorate their teams by imagining a successful future and leveraging trust as a catalyst to get there.

Outside of ongoing communication with staff required in a crisis situation, managers should build teams or recruit from their available staff those who:

  •  have excellent information gathering and analysis skills;
  • use an unlimited number of local and international sources of information and he/she is self-study person;
  • have strategic thinking and short- and long-term planning skills;
  • can quickly and thoroughly track and analyze changes in customer behaviour to propose a solution to retain them;
  • be able to focus on problems, detect them, and using their imagination to find flexible ways to overcome them;
  • can "catch up" and "energize" their teams and colleagues so that they can maximize their creative and expert potential; encourage them to succeed
  • maintain self-control in times of crisis and stress and help the team overcome tough situations.

And more: you need determined, adaptive, self-controlled, good communicators and creative people to overcome the crisis and bring the business to tomorrow.

Why hire people with the described skills and characteristics if you do not currently have one in your team? Because in the midst of the crisis and restrictions on business, they will be able to enter and get to know your company, get familiar with the history, financial and other indicators.

They will be able, from the perspective of your business, to follow the news and consult with specialists according to the specific needs of your business.

Remote work, self-discipline, the crisis can all be factors in building a strong team to drive business up in the new environment. You may need to get rid of some of your employees, but you should definitely attract those who have outside-the-box thinking, speak languages ​​to keep up with world news and analysis, adapt quickly and learn. You need complex personalities with the creativity and base of knowledge and skills needed for successful coronavirus business.

People are wary of changing jobs as a whole and in periods of change as well. We tend to see this trend now. We expect more activity as companies begin to respond and optimize their workforce to meet new demand and market conditions.

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