Miguel, who will make your emails secure


by Rositsa Velikova

The online meetings of the global business network BNI took me to Notting Hill, London and I met Miguel. The official name of his business is "PRIVATE HOSTING", and its essence - providing the hosting of emails and domains; personal support and support in the initial and subsequent settings of your e-mail.

On LinkedIn, Miguel de Sousa Pires presents his company as “an independent provider of encrypted emails with an unparalleled focus on service and support.

And what's his secret - he helps customers not only get rid of unnecessary spam but also prevent their important emails from getting into the spam folders of customers and their counterparts. He sets up their emails on every device they use - computer, phone, tablet, laptop ... He works with clients all over Europe and will be happy to hear about the problems you encounter in the daily use of e-mail - he has and advice and solution on how to fix them.

Miguel speaks several languages ​​- English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, knows Bulgarians and he is an interesting interlocutor. If you want a person who loves his job and takes care of his clients to be part of your partners, you should reach him out now:

Miguel de Sousa Pires


"We host your emails and provide personal support"

E-mail. miguel.desousapires@private-hosting.com




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