Meet the members of BNI Prista: BioAktiv


As members of BNI Prista Ruse today, we continue to introduce our colleagues. The topic today is of interest to those involved in agriculture.
BioActive - You may have heard of them already, because even though they are on the market soon, their assertive and creative team is growing, and with that their market share.
If you are a farmer and want to make more money, know that Bioactive:

  • increases your yield and profit per hectare;
  • it is a soil product that activates aerobic microorganisms in the soil and causes them to multiply and increase their number by 5 to 8 times, which ultimately results in better yields - 15 to 20 percent higher;
  • Bioactive sellers not only sell, they are with you until harvest.

If you are curious to know more and to meet in person with the smiling and powerful team of Bioactive, please email us

In the meantime, check out the site:

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