Meet members of BNI Prista: project management with Elleya


As a part of BNI Prista - Ruse, Access Consultancy introduce other companies in the organization. If you run a business and hear your competitors implement projects, get funding from different sources, and get their ideas out, call Elleya, a project management company.
The company is based in Ruse, but they are successfully operating internationally and they are assisting companies who want to see their ideas in practice with information and specific ideas and developments.

Their clients are small and medium-sized companies, both Bulgarian and foreign, who would like to grow and develop their business in Bulgaria: to renovate, to start a new business venture, to enter a new market, to re-direct business or to do greenfield / brownfield investment.

The team is skilled in creating and managing partnerships and business networks. They partner with organizations across Europe to initiate, coordinate or manage transnational partnership projects. This is the added value they offer their customers and is the key to the success of any new endeavor.

Read more about Elleya and their Come True Business ideas experts.

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