Marketing to support recruitment: Access Consultancy's tips


By Alex Velikova

Recruitment, like any market-related activity, requires the use of marketing tools to successfully complete a campaign to attract a new person to a company's team. Here is what Viktoria Dimitrova from the recruitment agency Access Consultancy would recommend in order to discover good professionals for your business.

  • Think carefully about where you can find the professional you are looking for and what is the right audience to send your messages to.

The content you create on your online and offline job postings should be targeted at a specific and clearly defined audience. Ask yourself who you are writing the ads for, who will read them, what you need to tell them.
The only way to have clear and accurate answers to these questions is by defining the profile of the candidate you are looking for.

  • Focus on the candidates

Once you know exactly what type of candidates you are writing about, try to put yourself in their shoes. Create the type of content that the candidate you want would find interesting and useful.

Your content should provide a direct answer to the main question that concerns candidates: what will I get from this proposal?

One of the most important characteristics and skills of contemporary recruitment is to be able to easily determine your ideal candidate. Determining your ideal candidate is the first step in successful recruitment and hiring strategy.

  • Be authentic

Applicants want to see real people behind your employer's brand, so don't distort the facts, be honest and genuine. People are not interested in glossy photos and funny pictures with digital extras.
They want to see the faces of real people with whom they will spend most of their day. Therefore, if possible, use real photos of your employees and office to demonstrate your company culture. Describe honestly and realistically what your priorities are, what are the values ​​you believe in.

Company culture determines the environment in which employees work, this is the personality of the company: a combination of acceptable behavior, actions, values ​​, and thoughts within a company. These shared values ​​have a strong influence on the people in the organization and dictate the way they dress, act, and do their job.

Some companies choose to have a team-based corporate culture, while others prefer a more traditional and formal management style.

  • Content preview tips:

Place your job advertisement in a visually appealing format.
Include podcasts in the application process. Creating a short podcast is a great way to give candidates a quick idea of ​​the job and they would have an idea of how the manager they would work for looks like.
Prepare a brief presentation of the company and company culture, which will allow a candidate to determine whether this is the place where they want to work, even before you get to subsequent interviews.
Prepare company brochures that show the company's business, company culture, teamwork, and the values ​​you believe in.

And another idea for your recruitment process:

Use a variety of ways to get information from your candidates, for example, you can provoke them to send a short video to answer questions that are important to you.

To make sure that you are professional in the selection of staff, contact us - Access Consultancy will save you time, effort, and money and you will have the right people you need for business.

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