Jobs in Ruse, Bulgaria - what's new in the summer of 2020


In "Access Consultancy" we observe an increase in the demand for specialists in various professions from the end of May until now. Summer of 2020, when many businesses were transformed, others getting bigger and bigger, while others were closed for a long time, proves to be very dynamic.

Inquiries for our recruitment service increased in just the last month after most administrative and production units in Ruse and in the country got back to normal.

It is noteworthy that the demand for specialists in finance, accounting, and employment increased significantly. We are currently looking for a Financial Manager for a manufacturing company, a Chief Accountant for another manufacturing company, an Accountant, and a Payroll Specialist for an accounting firm.

We are looking for beginner accountants who have completed their education and now are keen to start their career under the guidance of experienced leaders.

Ruse based companies proved to be quite flexible and used the crisis not only to learn new things about their potential customers and markets but also to retain their employees and motivate them to update their skills in line with the new directions of business.

Managers with thinking out of the box and vision saw the positives in the crisis and boldly drew a new map for their businesses. This led to the need to expand their teams with specialists in the field of business development and information technology.

One of the last positions we are working on is for a Graphic Designer to join our client's growing team.

We are also witnessing a trend of professions planning to return to their home town Ruse after years spent in companies at Sofia. It is because they have been deducted or because they cannot find employment in the capital after staff reductions there. The same happens with Bulgarians who received their education abroad. In the uncertain environment of COVID-19, many young Bulgarians are looking for realization in their homeland.

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