Job for fluent Hungarian is available in Ruse, Bulgaria


Hungarian speakers have an opportunity to apply their knowledge and become part of an ambitious and creative company team that operates internationally but is based in Ruse. Access Consultancy, a recruitment company, is the mediator between potential candidates and employer.
People who have invested in learning the language of Sandor Petyofi, or who have Hungarian roots, can learn more about the job by calling a consulting company.

"We are looking for people who are not only fluent in the language, but who are also open to entering new areas, keen to learn and who have an ambition for development, because this is our client's profile," said Rositsa Velikova, manager of Access Consultancy. She added that the employer is a company whose goal is to become popular the city of Ruse as the courier door of Bulgaria to Europe.

To apply, use email


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