German companies are interested in qualified Bulgarians with good German language skills


The UK's exit from the European Union will change the picture of the labor market in Europe, with job seekers reorienting to other countries, such as Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands. More and more German companies are sending inquiries to us for qualified staff, said Rositsa Velikova, manager of the recruitment company Access Consultancy. Employers, however, maintain that applicants have good language skills in German, she added.

Brexit provokes the interest of Bulgarians seeking work abroad to move their focus from the UK. At the same time, there is a tendency for German employers, who have never before hired a labor force from Eastern Europe, to look for Bulgarian staff because of their good technical skills. For many of our good professionals, however, the "stumbling block" for taking a well-paid and secure job in Germany is fluency in German. "I recommend candidates who are looking for a job in Germany" to take refresher courses or enroll in accelerated language-enhancing courses to perform well in their first interviews with German employers, "she said.

At Access Consultancy, they initially recommend to their clients only applicants who speak the employer-requested language. "I continue to say that moving abroad and looking for a job there without knowing the appropriate language or language that is acceptable to the country or company you will be working for is a very risky endeavor," Rositsa Velikova commented.

She added that her company, together with their German partner, is working on expanding its presence on the German market, the idea is to help aspiring Bulgarians and people from Eastern Europe with different professions and fluent German to find their place in the labor market there.

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