For employers: What to share with the recruitment consultant


Relying on a recruitment agency or recruitment consultant is a smart way to fill your team with new people. Here are our tips what you as an employer should share with your consultant in order to achieve a successful outcome.

It is understandable that employers who have not previously used the services of specialists to attract new quality professionals to their team have questions and concerns about what they can and should share at the first meeting or subsequent conversations with recruitment consultants.

  • Once you come up with the idea of ​​using a specialized agency or recruitment consultant, you are already on the first step of the upcoming appointment of the right person for your business. It is the best idea to rely on people which business is recruitment. Signing with them you have on your disposal trusted professionals who are engaged with searching, making contacts, screening and initial interviewing potential applicants to become part of your team. They already have a database, many contacts and channels to attract the right candidates. See what positions we work in "Access Consultancy". They are also our portfolio.
  • If you have a job description or other description of the wanted person, their duties and responsibilities, this is an excellent start for conversations with the recruitment consultant.  Go further and share a purely personal profile you see present in your team - qualities that are not inherent in the position but would be important for the new addition to come to its place in the team.
  • Answer all the consultant's questions about working hours, pay rates, career development, work environment and other details related to the wanted person. They will give them a complete picture of the person you are looking for, and this will shorten the selection time without having to consider inadequate applications.
  • Be honest, do not hide and do not change the truth. This will also save frustrations for you as an employer as well as for the consultant and the candidates proposed by her/him. Be sure to share why the previous person left the post or why you are opening a new job. This would provide valuable guidance in finding the right candidate.
  • Give feedback as soon as possible to the candidates proposed by the consultant, as after a week or more they (candidates) may no longer be relevant.
  • Regular telephone or email hearings between you and your recruitment agency give you the opportunity to give feedback on the quality of candidates and share what you like and what you don't. This will give the consultants a more detailed idea of ​​the profile you are looking for if something was unclear at the beginning.
  • Ask the consultant additional questions about the candidates you would consider, for example, if relocation is needed, how long it will take, who should bear the costs, and share what you would suggest to a good candidate.
  • The representatives of the agencies are specialists in their field and they are a source of valuable market knowledge and information. Frequent meetings or conversations online and on the phone will give you the opportunity to find out what is happening in the market, who is hiring and where the next big projects are, which ultimately allow you to plan your next move in business or team planning.
  • Remember that in your recruitment consultant you have a person with many contacts, an excellent communicator and a psychologist who uses all her/his tools to find the right person for your team. The recruitment agency is a powerful marketing tool for your company. Therefore, provide them with the information that would best present you through potential partners, clients and job applicants.

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