Do not rush to get rid of the staff you have invested in finding, training and developing


The current situation in the coronavirus pandemic is unforeseen by any of us and very serious. Dear Employers,

  • don't rush to get rid of staff you have invested in finding, training and developing;
  • talk to your employees if they work from home; arrange brief online meetings once a day to encourage them, seek their feedback;
  • if your employees continue to work in workshops, offices, construction sites, etc. - show them respect with small gestures, with empathy for their concerns;
  • Share your concerns and discuss measures that need to be implemented today and now in order to keep the team or restructure the business;
  • if you need to dismiss staff, be respectful, use specialized companies do it professionally and with respect for people's work; show a desire to bring them back when you get back on your feet;
  • train yourself or train people involved in the recruitment of contemporary interview techniques and features. This way you will start using it even after the restrictions have disappeared, as a natural opportunity for the initial selection of future staff;
  • еncourage employees on leave to study online or invest in their training during their stay or thereafter; you need a lot more flexible staff and people who work freely with technology and speak different languages;
  • seek advice on any matter that interests you - attorneys, business consultants, accountants work online, analyze the situation and trends in order to help you.

We at Access Consultancy expect changes in the business environment and in the structure of the labor market within a few months. Follow us online on Facebook, LinkedIn and at and take care of yourself and your loved ones. 

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