Crisis communication: why it's important to communicate with employees and customers


The coronavirus pandemic and the global economic environment require to use crisis communication tools with current and potential employees, as well as with clients. What is different today? Online is the keyword for most of us - businesses, employees, customers, and job seekers are online.

Public relations tools will make your organization visible and recognizable, and most importantly in the changing marketplace of COVID-19 - it will keep the trust of the people who work for you and that of your contractors.
Public relations is a powerful tool because it helps you get more exposure and puts you in front of your target audience.

  • Now it is the time to look at your companies' websites and update information on changes in how they work, about their new services and products, about new open positions and ways of communication, given that many businesses operate in a different mode than usual.
  • No matter what your business is, know that good job applicants go to companies that care about their reputation!
  • Owners and managers who keep in touch with their current workers help reduce stress and mobilize the team during a crisis.
  • Contact a web designer to add a plug-in to your website to post news about how COVID reflects on your company -  what limitations you have; what messages you have to staff and customers. You should hire trained online assistants to keep your business lines open for inquiries from job seekers and new clients.
  • Make sure the social networks you use are up-to-date.
  • Allow your employees to share their work atmosphere, how they feel about changing requirements and expectations.
  • Be positive, look for new contacts, and let this be evident from your online business presence.
  • Contact us to help with content in both Bulgarian and English, and our developers will take care to implement it into a successful online presence.

Investing in online and offline communications has only positives - you will be recognizable; you will have an advantage over your competitors; you will help yourself and your company to create new partnerships and maintain the trust of your existing partners and employees. The crisis is also an opportunity, remember! Keep safe!

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