After the coronavirus: tips for job seekers


Recommendations by Rositsa Velikova, Managing Manager of Access Consultancy, to job seekers in the new COVID-19 pandemic situation and the subsequent economic changes:

  • Review your CVs, adapt them the new conditions and qualities employers are looking for
  • Try to be well-grammatically and stylistically corrects 
  • Describe the basic duties and functions you have performed so that your prospective employer can quickly identify the person they are looking for.
  • Add a link to your LinkedIn profile, if you have one, and make sure the information there matches that one on the CV.
  • Study the companies and positions you are applying for - it makes a bad impression for recruiters if the same person applies for all the positions announced by the company without having any experience in any of them. If you are looking for development in a new career field for you, try contacting the company you are interested in directly or write a message to the HR officer explaining that you are looking for a change, because…
  • There is no sign of a good and serious attitude when you are asked for an interview, to say "I applied for a lot of positions, who you were and what you offer ...". Make a note of which companies and positions you are applying for, take notes from your studies for that employer. Show interest in a particular job, not generally…
  • If possible, add names and contacts of referrals. At Access Consultancy, we increasingly recommend that employers use this method of screening for candidates.
  • While looking for a job and while we are in a state of emergency, on vacation or unemployment, study online. Many organizations have offered cheap or free courses, as well as other services to help job applicants. Our contribution is with an online course for online interviews.
  • Contact recruitment agencies, ask for career advice - it is free for you.
  • Use their services to review CVs and for translations. During the Emergency state because of COVID-19 pandemic, Access Consultancy announced a free review and editing of a CV and English translation for the first 30 job seekers who contact us.
  • Be proactive and try to get into the new situation without whining, criticizing and offending - employers also have a burden on their shoulders because of coronavirus pandemic and none of them would get rid of quality and trained employees if circumstances did not require it.
  • Send us your CV, maybe our client needs a person like you:

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