Access Consultancy's new service : On-demand Recruitment service


If you have decided that it is time to hire a person to deal with the selection of staff in the company, get acquainted with our service "On-demand Recruitment service". See the benefits of recruiting as a flexible monthly service.

In order to have a staff selection specialist dedicated to your activity and needs, it is enough to contact Access Consultancy to tell us how we can ensure constant commitment to your needs for quality staff.

In difficult times, it would be wise to rely on proven professionals and save the salary expenses and have the same result in the selection of staff, just as you planned at a reasonable price.

What do you gain from working with a dedicated Recruiter:

- You use the accumulated database of job candidates in different professions and regions (we have already invested a lot of time and money in this);

- We check in detail the available and newly obtained CVs to see if they meet the criteria of the specific search.

- We go deep into the needs of your company and understand in-depth your business needs and value system.

- We conduct a 1st interview with selected candidates and keep in touch with prospective candidates.

- "Selection on demand" is a flexible monthly subscription service.

- You search for candidates, interviews and make offers to approved candidates without increasing the number of your employees or working with fees of recruitment agencies.

Economy: with this service, your budget goes far below the standard prices of agencies, and below the salary, you would pay for a specialist to work on an employment contract.
Flexibility: with a query, you can scale your service to meet your exact needs at a given time.

Our competitive advantages

  • We successfully recruit staff for large corporations and small companies. 
  • Our consultants are regularly trained on the latest recruitment trends so that they stay up to date on the recruitment industry.
  • This field is dynamic, where changes are made at short intervals. Subscribe for our new service "Recruitment consultant on subscription" and see the benefits for your company! 
  • Access Consultancy is a consulting company based in the city of Ruse, Bulgaria, providing full business services to new businesses and those seeking development and transformation. Our main activity is in recruitment for Bulgarian and foreign companies. 

The service is intended for:

  • start-up businesses 
  • companies in whose regions it is difficult to find trained and experienced recruiters;
  • managers who are tired of endlessly flipping through resumes and meetings with candidates who are not the desired new team members;
  • companies whose budgets cannot cover fees of recruitment agencies.

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