Access Consultancy work entirely online to assist employers and job seekers


Access Consultancy work entirely online, continuing our recruitment and employer assistance efforts in order to transform our clients' businesses under the new coronavirus pandemic conditions. Due to the restrictions announced throughout Europe, we monitor the situation and advise job seekers and employers to find the best solution in this situation.

Businesses in Europe will reconfigure after the coronavirus pandemic. The tourism industry may need to shift to other businesses. Working online and from home will continue to make a serious difference to our daily lives.
Dear Employers, good candidates who will need to work from home or remotely in addition to specific professional skills must have other essential knowledge and soft skills.

Dear Job Seekers, we can advise you for FREE on any career changes or courses you need to complete.  

Now is the time to look at your business websites and update information on changes in the way you work, your new services and products, new open positions and ways of communicating.
No matter what your business is, remember that good job applicants go to companies that care about their reputation!
Contact us to help with content writing in Bulgarian and English that will attract quality professionals in your teams and will strengthen your reputation with customers and suppliers.

Contact us to discuss what kind of people will be part of your successful team after COVID-19

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