Silvae Technologies launches a product for access control of key safes with remotely generated PIN codes with time limitation


Silvae Technologies, based in Ruse, Bulgaria, and the German company Masunt, have released a new product named Silvae. It is designed for remote control of door locking and its essence is web-based Key Safe access management.

"For over half a year, a six-member team of Silvae Technologies has developed the software and the product website from scratch," said the CEO of IT company Rudi Van den Bossche. He added that the supply of the product starts initially in Bulgaria, Romania, Germany and France, and later they will expand to other European countries. "Potential customers for this product are accommodations such as hotels, houses for rent, holiday apartments," added Van den Bossche.

The steel key safes are produced in a manufactory based in Ruse.

Purchasing Safe Key product, the customer registers it in the portal From there, a PIN is generated after you have set parameters such as time of arrival and departure. Thus, the procedure of key acceptance and return back is practically shortened. So if a company is renting holiday apartments, it is not necessary to appoint a person to send and receive keys from the tourists every time. With the access code, they will be able to enter and leave at the set time.

With the help of the product, the site owner decides when and how long a guest, an employee or a third party can enter the hotel, the building or a guest room. Access can be an hour, a few days or a few weeks. The Control Object sends the PIN code by email or text message. The PIN will expire and access after the deadline will be denied.

“Nowadays time is valuable, and bookings and payments for hotels and other holiday places are already available online. We are adding one more step which can be done remotely. All this operation of renting a house, room or apartment for the holidays or for a longer period of time can be done without excessive waste of human resources, time and money "said Rudi Van den Bossche.

Silvae Technologies have been created with Belgian capital and it has more than 12 years of history in Bulgaria. The company's software teams work remotely for customers in Western Europe. Silvae is the first in the company's product to sell directly to the market and combines software skills with hardware skills integrated in a product.

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