2021 is suitable for upgrading the team


2020 has been a test for many types of businesses. Many companies have been closed for good, other laid-off employees. Still, others not only retained their teams but also increased the number of their employees as they found new market niches and new opportunities in the midst of the pandemic.

How to deal with the economic difficulties caused by Covid - 19 will be analyzed by company experts and economic analysts. Our task as recruitment consultants at Access Consultancy is to give you guidance on the trends in employment in Bulgaria and Europe in 2021.

Our clients not only did not close but they developed their business and teams, creating the conditions for the normal course of the work process, of course, according to safety measures.

What we learned from 2020:

- People are much more flexible than they ever imagined. The talk of not being able to get out of the comfort zone turned out to be a myth for many of us. We learned that we can handle new requirements, new tasks, new software, new working conditions.

- The personal qualities of business leaders have become very important in order to lead teams in the online environment. The ability to monitor their co-workers and channel emotions and moods in a constructive direction have been never before so crucial. The teams with managers who are good psychologists and who are able to subordinate the global tasks of the business of communication with their subordinates and feeling their moods have successfully coped with the work in a virtual environment. 

- In companies where the production process has not stopped, it was especially important for people to feel comfortable both for their jobs and for the psychological and physical health of their employees. The people in charge of human resources and safety in the companies played a big role here. Most of them quickly introduced measures to help employees feel protected.

- "Crisis is an opportunity" was a good leitmotif for many businesses, which quickly reorganized into new market niches and thus kept their staff.

- Many employees were disappointed by the inability of their employers to keep them. Others felt the support of employers who, with good explanation and measures, even salary-cutting, made sure their teams have saved their jobs instead of going to the job market.

- Parents were forced to stay at home to study with their children or to take care of the little ones to the closure of nurseries. Plans for a new job for many failed due to changing circumstances.

- Working abroad also turned out to be impossible for many. However, the adoption of new proposals is subject to many conventions, but it has not stopped.

- Working at home has shown its advantages, but also caused a lot of difficulties.

- Many people miss contact with colleagues and relatives. Even in technology companies, there will always be a need to get everyone together to discuss work or just see friendly eyes. People need to see each other physically and have an effective discussion.

- Quite often job seekers refuse a new offer if it does not provide an opportunity to work from home.

- The mental load turned out to be even stronger than COVID -19 the symptoms for some people.

What to expect from 2021:

- Such a working and psychological environment at least until the middle of the year. The reasons for this are both in the imposed mantra that vaccines will solve the problem and because of the revelation in the last days of 2020 that a new version of KOVID is circulating in Europe. This leads to the return of measures, limiting travel opportunities and rethinking return to offices.

- We will work more flexibly when possible - for example 2 days in the office, 3 days from home.

- The vaccine will reassure those concerned about their safety and they will cautiously return to looking for a new job.

- Managers who have retained and developed their businesses will rely on employees who can readjust and who have withstood the pressure of external conditions.

- Good professionals are becoming more demanding of employers - a situation we had a year ago and which is coming back again. At the same time, competition among job seekers is also growing, so employers are still in a comfortable situation to have a little more choice than a year ago, for example.

- In the meantime, graduates of foreign universities who have given up their intentions to stay and work abroad are entering the labor market. Native people, who have returned from abroad for a long time, are looking for a way to settle in Bulgaria. However, they bring both the demands of employers inherent in a Western worker and more global thinking, the added value of language skills, and knowledge of foreign markets. With this, they enter into direct competition with people who have worked in Bulgaria so far.


An employer or job seeker, with us at Access Consultancy you will receive advice and guidance for 2021.

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