About us
  360º solutions to doing business in Bulgaria!
  Access Consultancy is a consulting company based in the city of Ruse, Bulgaria, providing full business services to new businesses and those seeking development and transformation.
  •    We implement a recruitment partnership approach, acting as an extension of the HR or management team of the company. Our goal is to properly target your expectations and requirements to these professionals and potential candidates so that you have the right person with the relevant knowledge, skills, and experience in your team. 
  • We offer a service "Recruiter on-demand"
  •   Our registration number of the Bulgarian National Employment Agency is 2566 - for recruitment in Bulgaria and 2567 for recruitment for other countries. 
  •   Also, we have gathered the professionalism of each of our consultants and partners in different areas of business services in order to build a fulfilled product.  We take away from the entrepreneurs the burden of the workload of the practical steps of starting and developing a business idea. In this way, business generators have the opportunity to think big and forward in order to build their business without the pressure of small details.
  •   Our consultants and business partners are experienced in their areas - Bulgarian law, accounting, HR and administration, Recruitment, Employer branding, Web development and content writing, and Business Planning; Business development, Insurance.
    The above facts guarantee precision and high professional standards.  Access your success with us!
What we do
We select the best positions for your qualification,

experience and expectations.

We also provide:

Career advice

CV review and improvement

Guidance to obtaining equivalent qualification
Managing company's identity
Strategies to attract talents

Strategies to retain current employees

Events management

PR training and media relations
Website design and development
Proofreading and editing services
Executive search of professionals

International Recruitment

Head Hunting

Role profiling and job description design

Salary and benefits advice and support

Candidates sourcing

Creating Candidate profiles

Reference checking
Recruiter on-demand

Candidates feedback

English speaking Recruiters
Company registration

Maintaining company files

Transformation and termination of companies

Crisis management

Company optimization

License application


Insurance brokerage and settlement of damages
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