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Job seekers support

Job seekers support

We work with experts in the staff placement industry in order to select only the most suitable candidates in order to fulfill our client’s demands.

We also provide:

Career advice

CV review and inprovement

Guidance to obtaining equivalent qualification to the ones they're already achieved, but are not accepted in the UK and Bulgaria - for candidates from abroad 

Public Relations

Public Relations

The best content writers for your website and your adverts. Rely on experienced and successful professionals!

Your business would be better presented online if you rely on the right people. 

Building and maintaining of public relations

Organizing events

PR training and media relations

Proofreading and editing services



Role profiling and job description design

Salary and benefits advice and support

Online advertising and candidate sourcing

Search, assessment and selection

CV and telephone screening

Face to face interview using different technics

Creating Candidate profiles

Reference  checking

Candidate feedback

Job offer management


Supporting foreign businesses

Supporting foreign businesses

Company registration

Maintaining company files

Transformation and termination of companies

Accounting and administrative services

Tax representation and optimization

Representation in all state and municipal institutions

Insurance brokerage and settlement of damages


Our mission

Our experienced and dedicated team aims to meet our customers’ demands by providing adequately consultancy in different areas - Recruitment, Public Relations, HR, supporting foreign businesses with services as company registration and presentation, insurance etc.

If your business is based in Northern Bulgaria, we are here to help. We strive to create a long-lasting and fruitful relationship with each and every one of our customers by tailoring our services with their needs.


Your business will grow if you rely on the right people. You are just one click away from us.

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Bulgaria country profile

Bulgaria country profile

Bulgaria, situated in the eastern Balkans, has been undergoing a slow and painful transition to a market economy since the end of Communist rule.

A predominantly Slavonic-speaking, Orthodox Christian country, Bulgaria was the birthplace of the Cyrillic alphabet, which was created there towards the end of the 9th century AD.

Bulgaria's job market

Bulgaria's job market

Once you have managed to get the required permits, the hardest part is over. The Bulgarian economy is definitely turning to growth and the country is considered as one of the most exciting investment locations in Europe.

With a population of 7.2 million (2015), the Bulgarian official unemployment rate in 2015 was 9.5 %, matching the collective European average. As a result it won’t be more difficult to find work here than in any other European country. Bulgaria has been a member of the EU since 2007 and hence work permits are required only for non EU citizens.

How to write a good job advert?

How to write a good job advert?

Job adverts come in many shapes and sizes, but there are a few simple rules that every advert should follow to ensure it attracts the candidates who are right for the job

How to make a job offer

Once you’ve selected the most suitable candidate for a job, there’s one crucial step left for employers to take as part of the hiring process: the job offer.

Why to hire a Public Relations Firm?

Why to hire a Public Relations Firm?

There is no single greater value to a company than having people talk about it. Where advertising sends a fixed message that you pay handsomely for, public relations creates an objective conversation about your company or brand for a fraction of the cost. Advertising lends little to no credibility to your brand, whereas editorial is independently verified by a trusted third party and is a thousand times more valuable.

Future News

Recruitment of Healthcare professionals for the UK

Access Consultancy is helping healthcare sector in the UK to recruit healthcare professionals from European countries. 

We are supporting trusts, private hospitals, residential and nursing homes  to meet their needs of well trained and vetted Nurses and Doctors.

We know deeply the state and the requirements of the healthcare sector in the UK. Thai is why we are here to solve the practical issues as background checks; permissions to work; data protection; discrimination and harassment; employee representation and consultation. 

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Професионални услуги за писане на CV на български и английски език

Колкото и да ни се струва елементарно, всъщност писането на CV не е лесна работа. Не е достатъчно да опишеш уменията и професионалния си път, но трябва и да съобразиш начина на описание на опита си с позицията, за която кандидатстваш в момента. CV-то e първият досег на специалиста по подбор на персонал с теб. То трябва да го убеди, че ти си човекът, който трябва да попадне в т.нар Short list. Доброто CV ще ти осигури телефонно интервю или интервю "лице в лице".

Добре написаното и подредено CV ти осигурява шанс да се пребориш с конкурентите при първоначалната селекция на кандидатите за желаната позиция. Когато те поканят на интервю, ще те подготвим и за него, за да се чувстваш уверен и да увеличиш шансовете си за  успешно представяне и наемане.

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